30 White Lllamas is a website centered around my 30th birthday present – hiking the Inca Trail in July of 2011.  The author has never attempted anything like this and is also taking an independent study with a Peruvian scholar prior to the trip; thus, before undertaking a 45 kilometer trek in the Andean Mountains of Peru, the author explored – virtually – Peru; this website serves as a host of the essays she wrote (and as of December 2011, is just now finishing) about that particular mental and physical journey.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to roam around the site as it grows!


9 thoughts on “Welcome to 30 White Llamas!

  1. ¡Qué mágica!

    Posted by Jenna Williams | 05/04/2011, 15:02
  2. Stay on the shining path but beware of the Shining Path…

    Posted by Jim McGarrah | 05/04/2011, 21:26
  3. Gracias, guys:)

    Posted by 30 White Llamas | 05/05/2011, 01:55
  4. I am really looking forward to exploring this space, almost as much as exploring Machu Pichu itself, when I go next year.

    Posted by Bob Bannon | 05/07/2011, 23:17
  5. Have fun. Did reply to your tweet. Lots of steps. Great hike with a fab ending:-). You will love it. If I can do it at 53 I am sure you can:-)

    Posted by Navman. | 06/07/2011, 02:44
  6. If you’ve never been at high altitudes ask your doc about altitude sickness meds as a “just in case” – you can also purchase them over the counter in Cusco at a pharmacy. Wear lots of sunscreen on the trail, take your time, take lots of pics, enjoy the Andean lifestyle and tip your porters and guides well…they work super hard to keep you safe and make the trip memorable! On night 3 you will have the option to shower, I think its around $5 :)

    Posted by Kelty | 06/07/2011, 13:18
  7. Hope it is a cake walk but I don’t think it will be…


    Posted by bearrunner | 01/31/2012, 00:42

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